IGS Workshop on GNSS Biases

Supporting documents for the workshop

Bias SINEX 1.00 GPS/GLONASS code bias files daily updated by CODE:
  • 30-day code bias averages (derived from both clock and ionosphere analysis), recommended for use for IGS operational analysis:
    CODE.BIA at AIUB or
    code.bia at CDDIS.
    Note that GPS C1W-C1C satellite bias values may be extracted by computing the difference of C1W minus C1C bias estimates.
  • Long-term bias combination results (derived from both clock and ionosphere analysis) give mean code bias values complying with a coherent code bias datum over the entire period:
    CODE_2017_CONT.BIA at AIUB or
    code_2017_cont.bia at CDDIS.
    Note that this file includes just bias values as of epoch 2017.0.